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''I have never thought, for my part, that man's freedom consists in his being able to do whatever he wills, but that he should not, by any human power, be forced to do what is against his will.''
Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Senpaga means ‘free’ in Esperanto.

To the word 'free' I am connecting synonyms such as unhindered, unrestricted, unlimited, independent,...

Being free is something extremely precious.

Being free, to me, is something that everyone can actively achieve.

I will guide you on the path to your personal freedom, on the path to the life that you aspire to.

Make your ideas come true!

I am looking forward to our cooperation.

About me

Who am I?

Certified Healer and Coach

I'm your personal coach

  • for challenging moments and profound situations in your life

  • for public appearances and speeches, interviews, meetings, etc.

I am a certified practitioner in the ThetaHealing® and in the deltaCure® method.

I am a licensed instructor of the ThetaHealing® and deltaCure® technique, recognized to teach you

  • to become a practitioner, in the basic levels

  • to progress as a healer, in the experienced seminars


I welcome you in English, German, Luxembourgish or French.


‘Transformation, not denial is the weapon of the master’


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What I offer
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What do I offer?

Get to know me

In the middle of my life, when I decided to be socially more engaged, learned to act and speak in public. I took trainings in rhetoric, self-motivation and body language. I worked as an in-house trainer, cooperating in basic and adult education. Furthermore, I was a certified auditor for safety and quality in the business process.

ThetaHealing®, and, a little later, deltaCure®, were logical next steps, to keep developping in my life. This methods allowed me to upgrade very efficiently my skills and talents. After realizing how supportive ThetaHealing® is to help people, I started my training as a practitioner, up to the highest degree with all its specializations. It was just a small step, to decide to become an instructor for other practitionners in ThetaHealing® and deltaCure®. This allows me to contribute in passing on this precious instrument to another generation.

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